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    Please cancel my orders, I've just ordered some timothy hay 2 weeks ago, and I really don't need anymore for a while. Please cancel all and any re-occurring for a while--plus, I will be moving at the end of June.



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    I need to change how often I get my hay. I'm not getting anywhere on the website. What is going on. Please call me. Leslie Stevenson. Bloomington, MN

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    Linda Masters

    I am getting the small box of 3rd cut and the large box of 2nd. Want to change the large box of 2nd to another box of 3rd cut every 2 weeks. Please change asap

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    Linda Masters

    My friends order is for the 34.00 box of 3rd cut. Please confirm when sent out

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    Why haven't I received an invoice or any shipping information? I placed an order through the website on the morning of September 3

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    Patrice Crawford

    Nick! Our situation was resolved just by opening the box of hay.... that is where the bag of pellets was :-) We didn't know that is how you send the pellets and hay so I was in a panic thinking the pellets didn't show up with the hay order :-D So now we know, and thanks again for such quick delivery!

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    I had ask to have my hay sent every other month now my guineas are devouring there hay so i would like to go back to my original order and send it monthly. Thanks Ed Wead

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    Jean Boughan

    Just found your site and am impressed, Would like to try an of the Perfect Blend - $29.99 - and use the $5.00 coupon. Is there a way to place an order by phone? I'd rather not put my card number on line. You can call me.... 757-229-6198. Thanks.

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    I need to stop my auto delivery I have way to much hay can we do this before I get another delivery please 570-236-9773

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    Joni L Holmes

    Jessica Sullivan is an amazing employee. You are lucky to have her. She took what was a very bad situation and turned it into a great day for me. I wanted to tell everybody, and say to her again thank you Jessica for all your help. She truly went above and beyond. You now have a customer for life.

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    Donna Atwood-Dowling

    I need to change my auto shipment date.

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